Ruby Aránguiz L.

The following are excerpts from art critiques published in newspapers and art magazines from countries where my artwork has been exhibited.

The inhabited light sets the stage for the world that she creates. A whole world captured by the light and ruled by the artist. Seldom have we experienced with such intensity the sensation of a living light. The visual sensation transcends reality and crosses the bridge into the worlds of poetry and music.

Julio Trenas “JANO Magazine” Barcelona, Spain

Her favorite subject is the human figure. In many of her portraits, the use of small, feather-like brush strokes has the effect of dulcifying the images. She highlights the flesh tones to create an almost Renoir-like softness. Aránguiz’s effervescence burst through in her art. Her luminous canvases are a veritable celebration of life.

Bárbara Mujica “Américas Magazine” Organization of American States, Washington, DC

The focal point is LIGHT. Light is used as a device to break up the backgrounds of these landscapes into cubist patterns. The effect is that of sun infiltrating the shattered remains of broken windows.

R.S. “Arts Magazine” New York

The art of Ruby Aránguiz, figurative yet abstracting, is a whole sea of clear and joyous colors - colors that often are a departure from the realm of reality and that create an atmosphere of ‘joie de vivre.’

Pierre Randal “PEC Magazine” Santiago, Chile

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